Dallas web design Master branch

As before, we just say Git to add a new remote for this Dallas web design pension, but this time we called and privacy git@github.com: [ user]/private.site.com.git. We now have a local repo on our machine that has two remote repository associated with it.

Now we need to tell our dev branch to run our own remote control:

Here, as before, we print some Dallas web design code for repurchase. We say we want to run dev branch of private remote and, again, we have introduced a monitoring upstream. This means that, by default, the dev branch just push and pull to and from remote private (unless specifically stated).

Now you have two Dallas branches (master and dev respectively) grow two remotes (origin and Private respectively) that are public and private respectively.

All the work we do on the master branch will push and pull, and our publicly Dallas web design available and any code in dev branch will push and pull our private remote hidden.