Регулировку фурнитуры, в свою очередь, также можно разделить на несколько операций. Сегодня, в виду актуальности вопроса, хотелось бы сосредоточить ваше внимание на переводе фурнитуры в зимний режим.

Осуществить данное действие совсем не сложно. Для этого все прижимы в форме эксцентриков (цапфы), которые расположены по периметру оконной створки, нужно установить в определённое положение. В зависимости от того, какими именно цапфами оснащены ваши пластиковые окна, сделать это можно с помощью шестигранника, отвёртки или плоскогубцев. Чтобы перевести фурнитуру в зимний режим, все эксцентрики нужно повернуть самым длинным радиусом в сторону помещения.

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Нужно также отметить, что в зимний режим можно перевести не все пластиковые окна. К примеру, в бюджетных вариантах конструкций специальные эксцентрики для прижима створок не устанавливаются, соответственно, такая возможность отсутствует. Но даже если в ваших окнах предусмотрена эта опция, не спешите ею пользоваться. Переводить фурнитуру в зимний режим целесообразно, если при наступлении холодов вы ощущаете продувание по периметру створки. В противном случае этого делать не стоит, поскольку в данном режиме сильно изнашиваются уплотнители.


During the 1960s and 1970s many sex-change operations were performed for people who genuinely felt “trapped in the wrong body.” A person who switches from one gender to the other is called a transsexual transsexual or (more recently) a transgendered individual. Surgery can complete the outward transition, if it is desired. After a detailed examination of the individual’s entire life history and hormonal makeup, plus a waiting period to make sure the decision was not impulsive, a doctor may use surgical procedures to alter the external genitalia. Hormones complete the process, adding breast development to males or body hair to females.


The pitch of the voice cannot be changed, because this depends on the structure of the voicebox. Mannerisms characteristic of the opposite sex can be cultivated, however, and historically transsexuals after an operation sometimes adopted exaggerated, sexually stereotyped behaviors. One study showed male-to-female transsexuals were more likely to use feminine mannerisms, posture, and movement than a control group of women “selected for their feminine appearance” (Allgeier & Allgeier, 1984).

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In the adult human, the buy neurontin online ovaries and testes are homologous organs, meaning they have common origins if you trace development backwards. The clitoris and penis are homologous, representing a different course of development from the same beginning structures. buy neurontin online

After a baby is born, it is effectively sex neutral for a few years. People cannot tell, just by looking, whether a newborn baby is male or female. Experiments show that a male baby dressed in a pink dress is rated feminine, while a girl baby dressed in male clothes is treated like a boy. People take their cue from clothing and hair arrangements because the faces of baby boys and girls look much alike.

Sigmund Freud had an elaborate theory about childhood psychosexual development, discussed in Chapter 11 (Personality). Freud believed that adult psychological problems could often be traced back to complications in developing through the series of stages he labeled the oral, anal, and buy neurontin online phallic stages.


In the late 1970s, a four-year project by 31 psychologists, some gay and some heterosexual, found that homosexuality was not significantly associated with psychological problems. The project’s research coordinator, William Paul, summarized some of the conclusions in an interview.

Some people have religious or moral objections to homosexuality based on sincere beliefs. They may be offended at accusations of homophobia. Sometimes they are upset by the “liberal bias” of the national associations such as the American Psychological Association. Letters to national publications such as The APA Monitor (a newsletter for members of the American Psychological Association) periodically express this type of sentiment: “Where did the APA get the idea that homosexuality is normal? This does not represent my beliefs…” However, the APA has taken a strong stand, based on decades of research, that homosexuality is for some people a natural orientation and is not in itself a sign of psychological disturbance or abnormality.



The culmination of sexual arousal is orgasm. Male and female orgasms are virtually indistinguishable. Panels of judges are unable to pick out descriptions written by males or females. Both sexes report tingling or urges to thrust as excitement increases, followed by waves of contractions and pleasure during the orgasm and an after-effect of warmth and relaxation.

The autonomic nervous system is involved in orgasms. Parasympathetic activation is necessary for arousal, strong sympathetic activation accompanies orgasm, and then there is a parasympathetic rebound. Some men sleep during this phase; women are more likely to feel activated.

Masters and Johnson found at least three distinct patterns of orgasms in women. Some women almost always had a single large orgasm but never a second; others typically had two medium size ones; a third group had many small orgasms over a longer period of time.


Dopaminergic neurons of the limbic system, implicated in sexual cravings, are affected in Parkinson’s Disease. When L-Dopa was discovered as a way of providing relief for Parkinson’s’ Disease, researchers quickly discovered a serious side effect in some people: they became hypersexual. Oliver Sacks (1976), whose book Awakenings was later made into a movie, described how one patient—”Mr. L.”, age 49—went from a 24-year state of semi-paralysis into a sexual frenzy. Given L-Dopa, his paralysis disappeared and he became mobile again. It seemed like a miracle, but then trouble signs appeared. How did one of Oliver Sacks patients respond to L-Dopa?

…He wanted to touch and kiss all the nurses on the ward


Very rapidly, in May, relationships became strained, and Mr L. passed from a gentle amorousness to an enraged and thwarted erotomania. Early in May he asked me if I could arrange for various nurses and nursing aids to “service” him at night, and suggested—as an alternative—that a brothel-service be set up to meet the needs and hungers of DOPA-charged patients.

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Daniel Kirschenbaum, director of the Center for Behavioral Medicine in Chicago, sketched this scenario shortly after Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia died in 1995:

Imagine that you’re a successful San Francisco physician in 1992, and rock icon Jerry Garcia walks into your office for a physical. After telling the Grateful Dead guitarist that you love his music, the conversation takes a scolding turn. You have to warn him that his smoking, drug dependence, and overeating will kill him within three years (Sleek, 1995).

Possibly this “scolding” would not have been well received. But it is exactly the type of message a lot of people in modern society need to hear before it is too late. In the 21st Century, the leading causes of death were all heavily influenced by lifestyle, that is, by behavioral habits. Therefore, psychology—which can be applied toward changing behavior or habits—is increasingly relevant to the field of medicine.

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This is only a small fraction of the abstracts for the convention. Each project represents the efforts of a researcher or research team, sometimes extending over years. What all the topics have in common is that they investigate some psychological variable (mood, reactions to stress, life experiences) as it might relate to some medical condition such as asthma, recovery from surgery, or high blood pressure.

Notice the complete absence of Freudian constructs like oedipal complex or even neurosis and the mix of behavioral, cognitive, and biological persepctives. One could find no better illustration of the point made in Chapter 1, that psychology has moved past a preoccupation with competing schools of thought or theories toward a task- or problem-oriented approach. Researchers focus on tackling a problem with whatever tools are appropriate.

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Two of the most influential counseling psychologists were Carl Rogers and Albert Ellis. In many ways they are opposites. Rogers was warm, accepting, and refused to criticize or give advice. He dealt with many problems and said the underlying problem was always the question, “Who am I, really?” Rogers felt people would find their own solutions to their problems, given a supportive social relationship. Self generated solutions were the only solutions that would last, Rogers maintained.

Rogers is sometimes criticized as the father of pop psychology talk like “going with the flow.” However, these ideas were new when Rogers proposed them in the 1940s and early 1950s. Rogerian therapy works best for those who seek self-exploration. It can be frustrating for those seeking direct advice.

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Sometimes reverse psychology works better than direct advice. Leon Seltzer described paradoxical strategies in therapy. A problem is made to disappear by asking a client to practice it. This surprising technique has a long history, including Frankl’s paradoxical intention and Dunlop’s negative practice.

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Adler called the individual’s habitual way of interacting with other human beings the person’s style of life. Adler saw the style of life strongwolf.biz as the key to all a person’s behavior. For example, Adler believed that spoiled children grew up to be spoiled adults who expected everybody to do things for them. The “style” showed up in all a person’s social interactions.

Adler coined the term inferiority complex to refers to one particular abnormal style of life. Inferiority feelings are normal; everybody has them occasionally. An inferiority complex, by contrast, is abnormal. It shapes a person’s every interaction with others, making a person act very insecure in social situations of all types. That was what made the inferiority complex a complex, in Adler’s system, and not just a bad feeling that inspired a compensation.

Adler regarded each complex as a distinctive style of life. One was called the Redeemer Complex. This was a compulsive need to make people over or reform them. Another was called the No Complex. This was a compulsion to disagree with other people. Adler described many other complexes. They are fine examples of types as described in Chapter 11, and like most personality stereotypes, they are shaped by a particular time and place (Europe and America of the 1930s and 1940s). Not all of Adler’s complexes seem familiar today. The Redeemer Complex and No Compex are two exceptions…types that can still be recognized in our culture today.