hummer hire london

hummer hire london

Home of the King of Limos! London Limos is your premier luxury limousine company which serves the London, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura. With the largest range of custom limos available for rent, we pride ourselves in having the most up to date vehicles in town, featuring the newest technologies, styles, colors, themes and more. London Limos truly is where you’ll find your luxury car or limo and with experienced chauffeurs and the most competitive pricing in town you’ll soon find out why we’re the number one choice for limo transportation and executive travel. With the ability to accommodate parties small to large, simple to elaborate, and wild to mild, we’ll help you find the limo that best suits your event and style. So if you are looking for an amazing travel we invite you to come experience the difference.

London Limos is your premier luxury limousine company which serves the London, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties. With the largest range of custom limos available for rent, we pride ourselves in having the most up to date vehicles in town, featuring the newest technologies, styles, colors, themes and more. London Limos truly is where you’ll find your luxury car or limo and with experienced chauffeurs and the most competitive pricing in town you’ll soon find out why we’re the number one choice for limo transportation and executive travel. With the ability to accommodate partys small to large, simple to elaborate, and wild to mild, we’ll help you find the limo that best suits your event and style. So if you are looking for an amazing time we invite you to come experience the difference.

Our inventory of limos include Hummers, Rolls Royce Phantoms all the way to traditional Lincoln Town cars and full on custom coaches. In addition, all of our limousines are inspected and certified by the State Highway patrol (unlike many other limo companies), and we also hold London Airport passes which allows us to go in, greet and wait for our customers. So if you’re looking for a Chrysler 300 limo or a Hummer H2 that’s fully extended with Lambo doors then give us a call. London Limos is licensed and properly insured and we currently have $5 Million dollars insurance on each vehicle.

We are a full service worldwide chauffeured transportation & limousine service company located in London, Great Britain with global reach, and over 27 years of experience in limousine and ground transportation industry. If you are looking for a reliable professional limousine service in London and around the world we may well be the answer for you.

London Limo Transportation & Limousine can offer you the highest level of professionalism for all of your personal, corporate transportation, airport service, and special events limousine service at the most cost effective rates in London limousine service and most major cities worldwide. London Limo is large enough to satisfy your needs, and small enough to care for your wishes with complete privacy and world class service. We offer VIP Meet & Greet in addition to various types of Luxury Sedans, SUV’s, Vans, Stretch Limousine service, Mini-Buses, Limo Buses, and Motor Coaches.

We invite you to take a tour of our website and discover why London Limo Transportation and limousine service of London is the ideal solution to your chauffeured transportation needs. From stretch limos to luxury corporate transportation we have the right choice for your travel needs.

London Limo is known for providing the very best in London corporate and VIP transportation services. Your distinguished and VIP guests will receive the highest quality of chauffeured transportation service. Offer a ready fleet of luxury sedans, mini bus, SUV’s, Luxury Vans, Coach service, Mercedes Benz S550′s and stretch limousine service.

London Limo Transportation has been specializing in airport chauffeured Limousin services and ground transportation to London Hartsfield International airport, Dunwoody Airport and other private jet service facilities.

There is nothing like a chauffeured limousine service to show that special someone how much you care. A white glove limo tour of your favorite destinations will defiantly create an unforgettable evening. Choose from our extensive fleet of limousines including stretched and luxury limousine rental and limousine sedans. We invite you to take a tour of London Limo Limousine transportation London, UK and see why we provide the very best in Corporate limo, Wedding limos, Prom limos, Airport transportation and luxury services.

People like using our limousine service for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Things can get crazy during these events, and you will have one less thing to worry about if you hire a limousine. You can travel to different places if you like, without needing to select a designated driver. There is also enough room in limousines for the entire party, so everyone can travel together and have more fun. Limousine drivers will provide you with a safe trip home or to a local hotel after the party ends, so you don’t have to worry about driving yourself.

UK Limos offer car and limousine services for special nights out. If you are planning on drinking or going to a bar, having a limousine ride home is a good option. You will not have to worry about how you will get home or waiting for a taxi cab when you are ready to leave. A limousine will be waiting for you when you are ready to leave.

Our Limousine services are perfect for teenagers who want to feel special on their prom nights or homecoming dances. They want a special way to show up, instead of being dropped off by a parent, if they don’t have their own license. It is also a safe way to make sure that they get home safely, since there will be a professional driver with them. It allows them to feel grown up while still having someone to watch over them.

Our Limousine service for weddings in London is perfect for that special day. We have catered hundreds of weddings and we know you want a romantic way to arrive and leave the ceremony, the reception and any place you may want to go, In a limo you can be alone and not have to worry about driving home or to the airport after they get married. Limousines are also used to transport the bride to the location of the wedding since there is a lot of room and it is a special way to show up to the wedding. Limousines can be booked all day of your wedding so the newlyweds have a special way to get from their wedding to their reception.

We server all the London City airports and offer limos to Newark airport as well. After a long flight, people want a reliable ride waiting for them to take them to their hotel or other destination. Booking a limousine is an option that will save you time once you reach your destination. There is enough room to hold all of your belongings and you can be comfortable while traveling to your hotel.

In 1990, London Limousine started in UK. Over the years, the company grew and now occupies over 10,000 square feet and employs over 50 people. Click on about us to learn more about London Limousine.

The key to London success is outstanding service at an affordable price. Every detail is drilled to perfection. Only the finest and most experienced drivers are selected and if there is ever a way to improve, they will implement it.

We have a limousine fleet, of varied cars and access to specialty vehicles. If you do not see what you are looking for on our fleet page it probably means our webmaster did not get pictures of the car yet. We can accommodate almost any request. Contact us and tell us what you are looking for and we will provide the service at a fair price.

London Limousine is the first company on UK, London to take possession of an environmentally friendly vehicle specifically designed for the comfort and elegance you would expect from the limousine industry. We are green with Fusion HYBRID stretched cars

We provide Wedding Limousines, Corporate Limousines, Airport Transportation, Party Buses, and Limousine vans.

We have limousine packages, including: “Proms”, ” A Night on the Town”, “See the Tree”, and much more. Visit our Limousine Packages page for more information.

London Limousine are very active with many charities. We also have received many prestigious and favorable press and excellent testimonials.

Our aim is to provide outstanding service to our clients, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey in a first class environment. We offer the best corporate car service, maintaining our promise of being a leading limousine service.

We offer a professional, exclusive, stylish, discreet and distinctive service. We are completely experienced, fully trained, licensed, accredited and amply insured. You will never have to worry about being late for an important meeting, presentation or flight again. We can eliminate the stress of London traffic and the worry of where to park on arrival at your destination, with just one simple phone call or email.

London Airport Limousines is a full-service chauffeur hired car service providing comfortable, reliable and professional door-to-door for yourself, your staff and your clients. Our immaculately maintained and presented cars provide a luxurious ride to anywhere in the London metropolitan area or other NSW locations, ensuring a relaxing and safe journey to your destination.

We may use outside contractors if necessary and occasionally drive offload work for other respected companies.

Some of our services include:

Airport transfers Special occasions, functions, anniversaries etc… Wedding cars and limousines Formal cars and limousines Document Delivery Local and Country Pickups Luxury Transport Corporate Requirements/Service Theater & Restaurant Transfers Hotel/Golf transfers Conference/Corporate Transfers We also offer a variety of short and longer day tours

VIP tours Sight seeing Winery Tours Baby seats and Boosters are available if required.

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On the night between Tuesday and Wednesday Priam Farll had not a moment of sleep. Whether it was the deep-throated voice of England that had spoken, or merely the voice of the Dean’s favourite niece–so skilled in painting tea-cosies–the affair was excessively serious. For the nation was preparing to inter in the National Valhalla the remains of just Henry Leek! Priam’s mind had often a sardonic turn; he was assuredly capable of strange caprices: but even he could not permit an error so gigantic to continue. The matter must be rectified, and instantly! And he alone could rectify it. The strain on his shyness would be awful, would be scarcely endurable. Nevertheless he must act. Quite apart from other considerations, there was the consideration of that hundred and forty thousand pounds, which was his, and which he had not the slightest desire to leave to the British nation. And as for giving his beloved pictures to the race which adored Landseer, Edwin Long, and Leighton– the idea nauseated him.

Then he had a vision of Duncan Farll’s hard, stupid face, and impenetrable steel head; and of himself being kicked out of the house, or delivered over to a policeman, or in some subtler way unimaginably insulted. Could he confront Duncan Farll? Was a hundred and forty thousand pounds and the dignity of the British nation worth the bearding of Duncan Farll? No! His distaste for Duncan Farll amounted to more than a hundred and forty millions of pounds and the dignity of whole planets. He felt that he could never bring himself to meet Duncan Farll. Why, Duncan might shove him into a lunatic asylum, might…!

Then it was that occurred to him the brilliant notion of making a clean breast of it to the Dean. He had not the pleasure of the Dean’s personal acquaintance. The Dean was an abstraction; certainly much more abstract than Priam Farll. He thought he could meet the Dean. A terrific enterprise, but he must accomplish it! After all, a Dean–what was it? Nothing but a man with a funny hat! And was not he himself Priam Farll, the authentic Priam Farll, vastly greater than any Dean?


At a late hour, they were entering, side by side, a glittering establishment whose interior seemed to be walled chiefly in bevelled glass, so that everywhere the curious observer saw himself and twisted fractions of himself. The glass was relieved at frequent intervals by elaborate enamelled signs which repeated, ‘No gratuities.’ It seemed that the directors of the establishment wished to make perfectly clear to visitors that, whatever else they might find, they must on no account expect gratuities.

At length another imitation of a policeman opened more doors and, with other sinners, they were released from purgatory into a clattering paradise, which again offered everything save gratuities. They were conducted to a small table full of dirty plates and empty glasses in a corner of the vast and lofty saloon. A man in evening dress whose eye said, “Now mind, no insulting gratuities!” rushed past the table and in one deft amazing gesture swept off the whole of its contents and was gone with them. It was an astounding feat, and when Priam recovered from his amazement he fell into another amazement on discovering that by some magic means the man in evening dress had insinuated a gold-charactered menu into his hands. This menu was exceedingly long–it comprised everything except gratuities–and, evidently knowing from experience that it was not a document to be perused and exhausted in five minutes, the man in evening dress took care not to interrupt the studies of Priam Farll and Alice Challice during a full quarter of an hour. Then he returned like a bolt, put them through an examination trenabolic in the menu, and fled, and when he was gone they saw that the table was set with a clean cloth and instruments and empty glasses. A band thereupon burst into gay strains, like the band at a music-hall after something very difficult on the horizontal bar. And it played louder and louder; and as it played louder, so the people talked louder. And the crash of cymbals mingled with the crash of plates, and the altercations of knives and forks with the shrill accents of chatterers determined to be heard. And men in evening dress (a costume which seemed to be forbidden to sitters at tables) flitted to and fro with inconceivable rapidity, austere, preoccupied conjurers. And from every marble wall, bevelled mirror, and Doric column, there spoke silently but insistently the haunting legend, ‘No gratuities.’

Thus Priam Farll began his first public meal in modern London. He knew the hotels; he knew the restaurants, of half-a-dozen countries, but he had never been so overwhelmed as he was here. Remembering London as a city of wooden chop-houses, he could scarcely eat for the thoughts that surged through his brain.

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Besides,” he said, pursuing his argument in his tone of light- hearted conviction, “if I don’t go anywhere for pain–which would be a perversion of the intention of my being, and a monstrous thing to do–why should I go anywhere to be the cause of pain? If I went to see our young friends in their present ill-regulated state of mind, I should give them pain. The associations with me would be disagreeable. They might say, ‘This is the man who had pounds and who can’t pay pounds,’ which I can’t, of course; nothing could be more out of the question! Then kindness requires that I shouldn’t go near them–and I won’t.

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I was much disconcerted, but I reflected that if the main point were gained, it mattered little how strangely he perverted everything leading to it. I had determined to mention something else, however, and I thought I was not to be put off in that.

Mr. Skimpole,” said I, “I must take the liberty of saying before I conclude my visit that I was much surprised to learn, on the best authority, some little time ago, that you knew with whom that poor boy left Bleak House and that you accepted a present on that occasion. I have not mentioned it to my guardian, for I fear it would hurt him unnecessarily; but I may say to you that I was much surprised.

I was reluctant to enter minutely into that question, but as he begged I would, for he was really curious to know, I gave him to understand in the gentlest words I could use that his conduct seemed to involve a disregard of several moral obligations. He was much amused and interested when he heard this and said, “No, really?” with ingenuous simplicity.

“You know I don’t intend to be responsible. I never could do it. Responsibility is a thing that has always been above me–or below me,” said Mr. Skimpole. “I don’t even know which; but as I understand the way in which my dear Miss Summerson (always remarkable for her practical good sense and clearness) puts this case, I should imagine it was chiefly a question of money, do you know?”

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“So I have understood, George,” returns Mr. Bucket with great deliberation. “So I have understood. Likewise you’ve been very often there. You’ve been seen hanging about the place, and you’ve been heard more than once in a wrangle with him, and it’s possible –I don’t say it’s certainly so, mind you, but it’s possible–that he may have been heard to call you a threatening, murdering, dangerous fellow.”

“Now, George,” continues Mr. Bucket, putting his hat upon the table with an air of business rather in the upholstery way than otherwise, “my wish is, as it has been all the evening, to make things pleasant. I tell you plainly there’s a reward out, of a hundred guineas, offered by Sir Leicester Dedlock, Baronet. You and me have always been pleasant together; but I have got a duty to discharge; and if that hundred guineas is to be made, it may as well be made by me as any other man. On all of which accounts, I should hope it was clear to you that I must have you, and that I’m damned if I don’t have you. Am I to call in any assistance, or is the trick done?”

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George,” continues Mr. Bucket, “wait a bit!” With his upholsterer manner, as if the trooper were a window to be fitted up, he takes from his pocket a pair of handcuffs. “This is a serious charge, George, and such is my duty.”

Mr. Bucket adjusts them in a moment. “How do you find them? Are they comfortable? If not, say so, for I wish to make things as pleasant as is consistent with my duty, and I’ve got another pair in my pocket.” This remark he offers like a most respectable tradesman anxious to execute an order neatly and to the perfect satisfaction of his customer. “They’ll do as they are? Very well! Now, you see, George”–he takes a cloak from a corner and begins adjusting it about the trooper’s neck–”I was mindful of your feelings when I come out, and brought this on purpose. There! Who’s the wiser?”

So strongly entreated, Mr. Bucket complies, puts his own hat on, and conducts his prize into the streets, the trooper marching on as steadily as usual, though with his head less erect, and Mr. Bucket steering him with his elbow over the crossings and up the turnings.

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Ada and I conversed with these young ladies and found them wonderfully like their father. In the meanwhile Mr. Jarndyce (who had been rubbing his head to a great extent, and hinted at a change in the wind) talked with Mrs. Skimpole in a corner, where we could not help hearing the chink of money. Mr. Skimpole had previously volunteered to go home with us and had withdrawn to dress himself for the purpose.

At a rough kind of fellow–a sort of human hedgehog rolled up,” said Mr. Skimpole, “who is a baker in this neighbourhood and from whom we borrowed a couple of arm-chairs. We wanted a couple of arm- chairs, and we hadn’t got them, and therefore of course we looked to a man who HAD got them, to lend them. Well! This morose person lent them, and we wore them out. When they were worn out, he wanted them back. He had them back. He was contented, you will say. Not at all. He objected to their being worn. I reasoned with him, and pointed out his mistake. I said, ‘Can you, at your time of life, be so headstrong, my friend, as to persist that an arm-chair is a thing to put upon a shelf and look at? That it is an object to contemplate, to survey from a distance, to consider from a point of sight? Don’t you KNOW that these arm-chairs were borrowed to be sat upon?’ He was unreasonable and unpersuadable and used intemperate language. Being as patient as I am at this minute, I addressed another appeal to him. I said, ‘Now, my good man, however our business capacities may vary, we are all children of one great mother, Nature. On this blooming summer morning here you see me’ (I was on the sofa) ‘with flowers before me, fruit upon the table, the cloudless sky above me, the air full of fragrance, contemplating Nature. I entreat you, by our common brotherhood, not to interpose between me and a subject so sublime, the absurd figure of an angry baker!’ But he did,” said Mr. Skimpole, raising his laughing eyes in playful astonishment; “he did interpose that ridiculous figure, and he does, and he will again. And therefore I am very glad to get out of his way and to go home with my friend Jarndyce.

It seemed to escape his consideration that Mrs. Skimpole and the daughters remained behind to encounter the baker, but this was so old a story to all of them that it had become a matter of course. He took leave of his family with a tenderness as airy and graceful as any other aspect in which he showed himself and rode away with us in perfect harmony of mind. We had an opportunity of seeing through some open doors, as we went downstairs, that his own apartment was a palace to the rest of the house.

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